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What Does Living True Really Mean?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Sharing a glass of wine with a lovely couple at a recent Wine Festival the guy asked me what I did for a living. When I replied I help people to Live True he frowned and asked what does that even mean? It can be a difficult term to get your head around as it can mean different things for different people and definitely more so for men than women. Something I found that often helped me to understand out of the ordinary terms was being presented with several different perspectives on it so I sat down and challenged myself to come up with 20 quick definitions because it is a 2020 year we find ourselves in. Let me know which one or ones resonate the best with you...

1. It’s about getting off the roundabout of your conditioned life, deleting the old programming and reinstalling a new set of beliefs and values based on your own creative abilities.

2. Ending the looping, undoing the conditioning, deleting the programming and choosing to experience life as your own creation.

3. The path to not giving a fuck what other people think and experiencing life as your own creation.

4. Experiencing life as YOUR creation. Not someone’s else idea of what you should be doing.

5. Working to undo all your conditioning and programming so you can then experience life as your own creation.

6. It's about cultivating your personal presence and living in each moment.

7. Living your life as a warrior of the heart.

8. It is living your life to your highest creative ability.

9. Finding the gifts of Joy, playfulness and happiness in your daily existence.

10. It is about who you are being in each moment.

11. About following your heart. i.e. being led more by your feelings and emotions rather than your head.

12. It’s about seeing all the bullshit, conditioning and programming you have been brought up in and choosing a new life based on your own creative ability.

13. Listening to your body and acting on what comes through.

14. Developing and following your intuition.

15. It’s about connecting to who you really are and experiencing your life based on your own creative abilities.

16. It’s about saying you have had enough and choosing to experience life as your own creation.

17. For guys, it's about following your heart and living in your true masculine energy.

18. Saying no to your conditioned life and choosing instead to experience life as your creation.

19. Finding Joy, playfulness and happiness instead of a mid-life crisis.

20. It’s about exploring your relationship to love and being in your power. Your personal power.

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Jan 28, 2020

They are all good but number 9 is ringing a bell with me !!!


Jan 28, 2020

oh wow! choosing one is difficult but no 6. is probably "the " one. Being a live in the present moment.

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