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"It Really Resonates" | "Loved It - Very Powerful" | "So Relatable" | "Well Written" | "That's Interesting" | I'm Living Your Life - Amazing" |  I Had Two Amazing Experiences While Reading Your Book" | "I Really Felt it was Written by the Heart, Constructed by the Mind and Nurtured by the Gut" | "Can't wait for the Movie" |"The Timing of Your Book Could Not Be More Poignant" | " A Very Good Read and Well Written" | "A Most Thought Provoking read" | The Sharing's Were Profound...Easy Read...Captivating and Instructions Easy and Informative. Inspirational" | "First Book I've Finished in Years" | "A Really Good Read" | "A Very Profound Read" | "I Loved Your Honesty and Willingness To Be So Real".

“You’re too old! You’re out of shape! Just be happy with what you have. You don’t need passion in your life at your age. Think of the kids…”

In this authentic, real-life story, the author shares his journey of bursting free of a programmed existence to awaken to the joy of experiencing life as his own creation.

Pulling no punches, sharing amazing experiences, vivid dreams and incredible visions we are treated to an often-humorous, always vulnerable, and truly relatable approach to what is involved in waking up and living true.

After sharing highlights of the first 45 years of his programmed life, the author presents 11 Guiding Principles for anyone else ready for their own burst for freedom:

Become Teachable | Pack Really Light | Change the Rules | Follow the Nudges |

Choose Again | Face Yourself | Direct the Universe | Surrender the Need to Understand |

Feel the Power | Model an Awakened Man | Demonstrate.

Buckle up, release the handbrake and get ready to learn how you too can change your mind, find true peace and passion in all that you do and are.



Triggered by a series of challenging life events, Richard Ferguson, at the age of 45, had hit the wall of life and began to seek another way. A quest to learn what it means to be spiritual without being religious.

The experience of being a father of 4 children, one of whom had a severe disability, and a career in various corporate roles saw Richard embark on a 15 year journey of questioning what is and unlearning most of what he had been taught.

Today, he shares the lessons he has learnt through his passion for writing and demonstrating what it means to be an awakening man.

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