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Make AI Redundant

Focus on growing and evolving our own DNA organically. On the one hand it baffles me while we choose to focus on augmenting and advancing the human condition with AI when we have done so very little to understand who we really are and our full potential as natural human beings. Of course, on the other hand I am fully aware of the agendas at play that manipulate and steer us away from our natural abilities into a trans-humanism reality. How we have been purposely limited and controlled for millennia. In this day and age do people still really believe that 95% of our DNA is Junk? Have you ever stopped to consider who came up with that deception and for what purpose? Clue; It’s not based on science but science was used as the tool to deliver it. Our DNA has been blocked from us but with the right knowledge, willingness and support we can unblock it and the for the first time in many thousands of years begin to truly understand what we are all really capable of and the one thing I am certain of is that it would make AI completely redundant.

Looking at the current human condition on our planet you could be excused for thinking and behaving as if AI might actually make a difference but our condition today is the result of over five thousand years of conditioning programs whose purpose has been to limit and control us severely. As a civilisation we have no idea of what our true capabilities really are as they have been withheld from us for so long. Imagine then if for the first time in over five thousand years we did indeed turn our efforts into unblocking and activating our true natural potential, what we could learn and achieve. We actually don’t know but whoa! what an incredibly enlightening, revealing and joyous experience that would be.

Alternatively, we can choose to continue down a path using our amazing talents to create AI and thus limit our ability to think for ourselves and be all we are capable of being. To become further trapped into systems whose design is for us to hand over our sovereignty to machines. As human beings we are all expressions of nature and AI has never and will never invent anything that is not already present in nature. Why then don’t we look there, look within?

AI Will Never Invent Anything That Is Not Already Present In Nature
Human Beings As An Expression Of Nature

“The clarity, harmoniousness, pace of thinking and mental purity of Man as a Creator is what determines the future”. Anastasia, Ring Cedars Series, Book 2.

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