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Choosing Not To Choose IS A CHOICE

It is also CONSENT. What you are really doing is conforming to a status quo. Following the herd. Choosing to sit on the fence and not engage. Initially the situation may have caused conflict against an existing installed belief but rather than question such a feeling for fear of the change or ridicule it may bring, you override those feelings and simply allow whatever to continue unchallenged. It is cognitive dissonance in a nut shell and you are handing over your power to someone else to create for you. You are creating yourself as the perfect victim.

Someone choosing a victim status is usually unable to see that they are doing this. If they did they would realise they are in fact creating their own reality and would no longer be victims. It is a bit of a catch 22 situation with the only real way out to make a choice. It doesn’t seem fair does it but it's actually a lot worse than that because you can be sure the people causing the situation/problem are in fact relying on you to not make a choice. They have presented you with their version of what is going on and because you have not actively questioned it you have in fact given your consent for it to continue unchallenged. And what sucks even more is the people that created the situation do not attract any bad karma from it either because you have inadvertently given your consent.

One of the key reasons we are so indoctrinated in schools is so we will blindly obey authority. To believe and accept whatever it is the government, main stream media or authority figures tell us. This obviously continues past school years and as you enter more fully into society with all its traditions, it's current way of governing and policing us. It is why fear is the default, fear of being shunned, fear of losing that job, fear of losing friends, fear of not fitting in or of not being accepted etc. It is a tough gig to begin to question what is, start using some common sense and applying critical thinking outside of what is allowed. To stand in your sovereignty.

Of course, our authority figures will tell that you are allowed to ask questions! long as you stick to the list of approved questions. That you are absolutely free to study and investigate for yourself! long as you follow the list of approved sources. That they aren’t trying to stifle your thought - they want you to learn everything you can! long as you reach the approved conclusions. Free will does exist but within an ever-shrinking cage.

It is time to break free of that cage, step into your sovereignty, choose to learn, question what is, re-define your beliefs and become aware of how consent and all the programming we are subject to works. The more sovereign and aware you become will mean you choose to stop playing the victim and better understand that you alone create your own reality. The default you will start to adopt in our current society will be “I DO NOT CONSENT”. Choosing not to choose will no longer be an option for you.

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