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The Role of Chaos & Anarchy In New Earth Systems

Given the ubiquitous levels of conditioning programs & controls established on foundations of fear throughout our current societies systems and structures, is chaos and anarchy first required to enable the implementation of new systems & structures based on foundations of love? For a New Earth to prosper and properly evolve the old systems do have to be replaced and built on brand new foundations. The challenge is that so many people and so many ways of our current lives are based on and centered around the old systems and structures that the level of change required at a foundation level may be way too much for most people to comprehend or accept.

Cognitive dissonance, lack of understanding of true history and extensive conditioning programming that has limited our knowledge will most likely mean people will try and improve rather than invent anew the systems and structures required to ensure our species survival. Thus, the same level of thinking that was initially used to create the old systems will again be employed to try and fix them and will ultimately fail.

It is the awareness of our true history, how much we have been limited, manipulated and controlled that will prevent the need for chaos and anarchy on a huge scale to take place. It is the denial of this knowledge, the refusal to accept it, the clinging on to old ways because that is the way we have always done it, that will ultimately ensure the need for chaos and anarchy on a grand planet wide scale. It does only need a good minority not the majority to first grasp this reality and help usher in the level of change required however linear time is now speeding up and those of us willing, open and ready must hasten to the task.

It is also true that such awareness of the truth and disclosure could destabilise a lot of people and could of itself trigger worldwide chaos and anarchy. We have however reached the tipping point in our current human civilisation. Shadows are all rising to the surface to be seen, events and cycles wait for no man so cooperation, collaboration and implementation of new systems on a scale never seen before is required. Sadly, in my opinion it still remains to be seen if enough people will become aware and accept the task. Our current Governments and “Authorities” lack severely the ability and desire for the change needed. Indeed, they are only tools used by those who have controlled us for many thousands of years and who have no intention of allowing change not implemented by them for their purposes of control.

The case for chaos and anarchy on a worldwide scale does seem to continue to grow. Its role may yet be undeniable and inevitable. Even so, there is still hope. Whilst chaos at some level is often necessary for true change to occur should we have ready the new systems needed based on the foundations of love, the time of chaos can indeed be short lived and the implementation of a loving and kind civilisation for all can be ushered in quickly.

In Light & Love


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Sep 13, 2023
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It is a worry!

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