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How I Can Help You

All current coaching services are conducted online 1/1 via video (Zoom, Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal) or if you are located in Melbourne the opportunity to meet face to face may also be available. 

Second Part Of Journey

Free Initial 30 Minute Discussion

Lets connect to understand where you are at. Share a brief overview of your life at present so we can get a sense of the impact your current level of conditioning is having on you. Then how ready, willing and open you are to seeking another/better way. Learn what experiencing life as your creation means for you. Take the first step so you can understand if the coaching services I offer can indeed help you.

30 Minute Session

Initial Session is Free

Online Meeting

Coaching Services

Supporting you to awaken at your level of understanding. These sessions begin or continue the transformation process to change your mind. Addressing the negative level of programming and conditioning in your life. Opening your mind to new possibilities and to whatever will work for you. Holding space and guiding you to reinstall a set of new beliefs that will serve you better and awaken you to all you are truly capable of.

60 Minute Sessions

AUD$95 per session


Unlock Your Full Potential

Coaching Package

Unlock your full potential. Book and pay for four sessions in advance and save. The transformation process is a journey and does involve looking at and undoing conditioning that has been ingrained within you for many years, possibly a lifetime, possibly many lifetimes. It isnt something that typically happens quickly and this package is for those who choose to commit up front and know support is always close by. The package is valid for a period of six months. 

4 x 60 Minute Sessions

AUD$320 (saving of $60)

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