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Discussion Framework

The framework used in our sessions follow the 11 Guiding Principles described in my book "A Burst for Freedom". Below is a graphic illustration of the journey together with a short summary of each principle. The principles are used as a guide to help us plot and determine best areas to focus on but do often require a re-visit depending on the area of your life that may need healing or attention. It is not necessarily a step by step approach however the first 3 principles are generally the areas we start with. There are more detailed explanations of each principle within my book or on my insights/blog page. You can also print out a PDF copy of the guiding principles by clicking on the PDF button below. 

11 Guiding Principles To Living A True L


A Short Summary of the 11 Guiding Principles to Living a True Life

  1. Become Teachable. Recognise you have had enough. Take the red pill (from the movie The Matrix)and begin the second part of your journey. 

  2. Pack Really Light. Hold Onto Nothing. Be Way Open. Question Everything. Adopting the phrase "That's Interesting" when triggered.

  3. Be prepared to Change The Rules and choose a Whatever Works For You approach. Creating your own Boundaries.

  4. Learn to Follow The Nudges, receive guidance and act on what resonates with you.

  5. Love yourself for trying and be ready to Choose Again whenever you trip up.

  6. Willing to Face Yourself and do the inner work. Own your own shit and look at your shadows.

  7. Master your thoughts and Direct The Universe to support and provide for you on your journey.

  8. Giving up over thinking and choosing to let go and Surrender The Need To Understand. Trusting all will be shown to you when you are ready.

  9. Feel The Power of your true potential. Stand tall and embody all that you are.

  10. Model An Awakened Man. Using it as your code for living.

  11. Demonstrate. Be the example so others can see it is possible and may also choose to wipe the sleep from their eyes and live a true life.

Download your copy of the 11 Guiding Principles to Living a True Life

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