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The Realms of Rage

Anyone seriously choosing to become aware and awake is going to experience a visit into the Realms of Rage. The trick of course is to ensure it is only a visit, that you properly allow yourself the time and space to safely come to grips with it, process it in a healthy way and continue on with light and love as your creed. Easy enough to write about but not so easy to do when you really start to uncover the darker higher truths that have been hidden from you. How much humanity has been controlled, manipulated, deceived, enslaved and blatantly lied to. How your free will is not really free will but a small and getting smaller cage you are allowed to roam in. How trying to achieve a level of Freedom of Mind becomes a threat to those in control where they won’t hesitate to employ their playbook of deceit to ridicule, discredit and to turn society against you.

The good news is you will only ever be exposed to truths based on where your current level of understanding is at. That is why the awakening process is often a slow process over many years as being exposed to higher truths before you are ready for them will either be met with outright rejection or could completely destabilise you. Sometimes though that rejection is like a seed being planted that will continue to be watered and cared for along your journey with you receiving smaller complimentary truths along the way that start to pry open and increase your level of understanding. Priming you to see how much you have been programmed, slowly but surely opening your mind to what before you considered utter nonsense.

It is not the purpose of this article to discuss any of these darker higher truths but to ready you for the times when you will inevitably visit The Realms of Rage should you choose the path of awakening. It is often said that getting angry can be a good motivator as long as you don’t cross “the line”. Rage of course is already way past the line and is something that consumes you. An energy that builds and threatens to engulf you. A state past denial that flames utter disbelief and has you asking how is this even possible? Who would do such a thing? I want them all dead – returned to source! They must not be allowed to go on or live! Ahhhhh!

Believe it or not once you start to uncover some of the darker higher truths visiting the realms of rage with the above thoughts is a perfectly normal reaction. Allow them but please do so in a safe space, alone and ensure the visit is short and any releases of energies are contained. Find and employ the ways you would have learnt to deal with this along your journey. If you do have like-minded friends reach out to them as there is a good chance they too would have already had to deal with and process it. A key step to protect and guide you through it all is holding on, reinforcing and applying all the “lighter” higher truths you have learnt along the way. Seeking the balance, remembering who you really are, what your true purpose really is, finding comfort in knowing everything happens for a reason and ultimately there is no evil other than what you make of it.

Rage is a deep emotional fiery state where you can easily loose control so when you feel it coming on remove yourself from the environment that triggered it – close that book, walk out of that room, hang up that phone, switch off that youtube video and get out into nature or find that place of solitude where you can search within and slowly but surely restore your balance. Allow whatever time you need. Sometimes it can take days for the process to exhaust itself but you may also find that your visits to The Realms of Rage become shorter and shorter to almost non-existence because after successfully processing previous episodes nothing much triggers or shocks you as much anymore. Returning to Love, Peace and Calmness becomes a regular practice.

Visits to The Realms of Rage are inevitable for those relatively early on the awakening path. If you know they are coming, can follow the above guidelines, practice and employ all the lighter higher truths you have learnt, then each visit will become shorter until you will simply never be triggered to go there again.

In Light and Love

Richard xoxo

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Aug 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So true!

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