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Humanities True History

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The number one subject, course and area of greatest interest in the very foreseeable future will be Humanities True History. A pre-requisite for being able to be a good student of our True History will first involve being able to listen to and follow your heart. Knowing how to get out of your head (ego), to tune into your heart, discern and understand what resonates with you. Our True History will reveal who we really are, how unique we are in the universe, the true extent of what we are actually capable of and therefore usher in a completely new creative mindset that will change just about everything. Over time of course but I believe it will have a snow ball effect and gain such momentum so quickly that our old systems and structures could collapse overnight. This is also what the “controllers” of our planet fear the most and why they have so deliberately manipulated, deceived, doctored and blatantly lied to us about our True History for so very, very, long.

Our True History is actually available and out there for us to learn about right now but so cleverly layered with misinformation and ubiquitous conditioning programs such as what is taught in our government run schools that it does take a courageous, inquisitive and open minded person to attempt to uncover it. It is currently not available through “normal” main stream sources and our foundation structures such as science and religion have been cleverly manipulated to ensure it stays that way. Researching and uncovering real truths about our history can be done however can be confusing, details contradict themselves and anyone trying to publish or broaden the minds of others will be met with the playbook of the controllers so often used to discredit such spirited people. It's a tough gig but so worth it. The explosion of freedom of mind that comes from learning Humanities True History does change you forever. There is no going back. It triggers deeply hidden and blocked memories that once unleashed will ensure that you live and create everything differently.

A great place to start is by applying common sense and critical thinking to all that gets presented to you. To question everything and for crying out loud to stop watching the news and other mainstream channels that are used as controlled propaganda to ceaselessly deceive you, keep you limited and in fear. Once you can do this your will begin to free your mind and become open to higher truths about our true history. As much as we do and will need science to help us uncover humanities true history right now it's methods cannot be fully trusted to help. The “trust the science” propaganda is a conditioned program to ensure you stay well within a limited framework that can at any time be used to discredit, confuse and control you. I do believe that will change and that science will soon be able help us lead the way to uncovering humanities true history but tread carefully for now. Religion on the other hand is simply way to manipulated and even though there are nuggets of truth within some of them I find it best to give religion a complete wide berth and not go there as a source.

So where do you start? Who can you believe? Great and relevant questions. As always start wherever you are on your path right now. Become open to the possibility that you have been thoroughly deceived and become inquisitive as to what gets presented to you. Utilise the trusted method of “That’s Interesting” and don’t hesitate to employ my eighth guiding principle of “Surrender The Need to Understand”. Park those areas that don’t quite make sense to you at first, keep an open mind and more than likely upon your journey you will receive further collaborating information that will either confirm or deny for you.

Learning about humanities true history is so exciting, a ride unlike anything else, beyond sc-fi and ultimately a huge part of your ongoing evolution and growth. It will be the most sought after, sexist and desirable subject, course or degree one can undertake in the future. Why not start now?

In Love & Light



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