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How To Start Your Child's New Earth Education

The gap between how our children are educated today under current Government Standards and how they will be educated under a New Earth approach is way bigger than the Grand Canyon! It is so big that the only real option is to discard the current Government system entirely and start afresh. To invent and re-invent based on completely new foundations. Of course, given most countries Governments pass laws that try to dictate and control your Child’s education this does raise the question of how, as an aware and awake parent, can you start with your child’s New Earth Education now?

The first place to start is for each parent to begin with educating themselves. To become aware of how and most importantly why our current education systems were established. What their real purpose is and then to take whatever steps you feel inclined to make. The most likely outcomes will involve removing your child from Government run or influenced schools and choosing alternate options such as home schooling, unschooling or local community cottage schools. Of course, at present the Governments try everything in their power to also control these alternate options as they don’t want to see it gain any momentum. Should that happen, we would start to see generations of free thinking, creative and intuitive children evolving into adults that will literally change our world. Although no Government would openly admit it, this is the very last thing they want to see happen.

Once a parent starts heading down this path the option of returning your child back into a government run or influenced school is abhorrent to them. The parent has become aware and awake to many things and will no longer tolerate such blatant indoctrination, programming and conditioning of their children. The next step or most likely in tandem with the parent’s ongoing education is to make changes in their way of life. To try and start living a New Earth way of life. The Governments again will be doing all in their power to make this as difficult as possible or outright prevent it so parents will most definitely have to be courageously committed to choosing a New Earth Lifestyle (I will address what this may look like in a future post).

Your child’s education begins with your own education and setting up and/or changing of your existing lifestyle to better reflect the new values and beliefs that your research has now provided. It is crucial to understand that no matter what your child may hear from you, their teachers in school or any other systems or institutions of learning they will follow the lifestyle practised by the majority of people around them.

The raising and thus educating of children depends entirely on their parents understanding of the world, how you live your own lives, how your parents lived theirs and how society in general lives. So that is why the very first step for each parent wanting to start to educate their children in New Earth ways must start with their own education and a review of their current lifestyle. It is also why finding communities of like-minded people (freedom pods) are becoming and will continue to become a super important part of raising and thus educating our children.

Educating our children in New Earth ways will involve change but that is exactly what has to happen to our current education system. It has failed us completely; it has become gangrenous and has to be invented anew based on entirely new foundations. This is not going to happen overnight and may be a long process however I hope the above steps provide parents with a place to start.

Much Love and Light


Jan 2022

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Jan 21, 2022

I love this post! Yes yes yes!


Jan 21, 2022

Love this post! Yes yes yes!!!

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