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Having No Money Is A Worthwhile Experience

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

With the right mindset having no money can be a good and worthwhile experience to have. If you can keep out of fear, choose to witness what the feeling of being without funds has on you, have faith that everything will be alright, having no money can be a great teacher. Money is energy and what you may come to see and feel is a greater understanding of the power that energy is having and has had over you . Such energy is neutral of course so it is what you choose to make of it that ensures the experience you will get from it. It can be similar to the same experience you feel when you miss a close connection with someone. You are missing the energy of that person, their spirit, how they make you feel and how they have contributed to your life. Good and/or bad.

Without money around you may begin to see the difference between wanting something and needing something. Most of our purchases and desires fall into the want bracket but when you have no or little money you quickly learn what it is you really need. The people and things in your life you truly appreciate and are grateful for. The more aware you become the more you will start to see how much our society promotes and manipulates the energy of money by focusing on such things as consumerism and materialism.

I picked up the leading Australian Sunday newspaper for the first time in many years last week and was shocked by the number of ads to buy materialistic things. The ads must have made up 80% of the paper. It was spot the article and I found myself turning many pages to find one. Of course, the articles were utter crap and yet another form of manipulation or fear mongering. In disgust I threw the paper into the recycling bin. The information we choose to allow to enter into our minds has a huge impact on our happiness and peace so please, if you are still reading newspapers, Stop! Don't allow such programming anywhere near you and within a short time frame you will notice a change for the better.

Once you start to ask yourself before each purchase “Do I really need this or do I want this? And assuming you can be honest and quieten that voice in your head long enough, most of the time you will find it is a want not a need. Do this every time and you will start to see the pattern of how much our society devotes itself to promoting not only consumerism and materialism but the blatant lies and manipulation used to market products. This could then have the flow on effect of you choosing to do more investigating, to questioning what is, to actually reading those labels and becoming aware of what is truly good for you. To finding alternatives.

Other perspectives gained from not having money is, believe it or not, gratitude. Gratitude for what you do have, who is there to support you, for the help and compassion it can attract. It can show you a vastly different side of society and of people. There are good people everywhere but they so often get caught up or distracted by the negative programming and conditioning imposed upon us. Fear is so heavily promoted in our society it is beyond belief. Whilst you don’t have to have no money to see this, it is one way to enlighten you.

The fear of having no money keeps people in a continual state of terror, not being prepared enough and forever distracted by having to do or have the next thing. This fear sends both parents to work, to competing with the Jones, of being accepted, wanting the better car, the next holiday, being seen at the right places and with the right people, feeling stuck in that awful job etc. All things outside of yourself! Having no money can have the side effect of spending time with yourself. Going within and contemplating what is really important to you.

Having no money can also help you understand the true worth of something and help you explore alternative forms of exchange like bartering. You could begin to better understand what the true exchange of energy is all about, the importance of community and being around like-minded people. It is an opportunity to learn and whilst it may not be necessary to have no money to become aware of most of the above it can certainly be a catalyst for it.

Last but by no means least, one of the most interesting perspectives from having no money is learning what the energy of real abundance is. About accepting things and appreciating things in a completely new light. Every day you awake abundance awaits you. It depends on whether you chose to look at the world as a victim or as a creator. Our society goes to extreme lengths to keep you in victim mode so it is a choice to be a creator, to see and feel abundance all around you no matter where you are, who you are with, what you have or how much money you have.

Perhaps if you are aware enough the "thought" of having no money may be enough to replace the actual experiences shared above however if you are granted the opportunity and can stay out of fear it can be a truly a worthwhile and liberating adventure. Just a visit of course because it will help you redefine and thus attract a new abundance.

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Sep 12, 2023
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