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Are You Really Open Minded?

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Most people if questioned would believe they are open minded but without any real understanding of how controlled, manipulated and programmed their current reality actually is. They would be open minded within a very small cage of what is socially and historically acceptable. Which, of course, is not really being open minded at all. To be truly open mined one would have to choose to become aware and awake to what is really going on in our world. To start to or continue to question everything. Especially, if it is seen or information from controlled Main Stream Media which are simply tools used to keep that cage of understanding very small indeed.

A great tool for becoming truly open minded is to adopt a “That’s Interesting” approach to anything that seems to question or trigger your current understanding of something. By doing so it renders your thoughts on the matter neutral and stops you dismissing anything outright which may be because of all of your conditioned programming. It enables you to “witness” what was offered in an impartial way and gives you time to research or simply store what came up for future confirmation or not.

Once you have become teachable to exploring another way becoming truly open minded is the next natural step in the process. Your journey will require that you be ready and willing to question all your old beliefs. Being able to keep an open mind (That’s Interesting) as to what comes up will keep you sane and on the path. We tend to fear what we don’t understand and when you have your old beliefs served up to you for reinterpretation and more than likely dismissal it can be a challenging ride. Having a great coach to help you determine which belief programs you should tackle first, holding space for you and helping you to then refine or replace them is a good idea. It isn’t normally a quick fix and some beliefs have many levels to them so getting support is a worthwhile consideration.

So, how open minded are you really? Listed below are eight statements taken from my book “A Burst for Freedom” (Chapter 9: Pack Really Light) that are presented as a way to test where you are at and as an exercise to apply the “That’s Interesting” approach when triggered. See how you go:

1. Everything is Energy.

2. ET’s do exist.

3. We all have past lives.

4. You can be spiritual without being religious.

5. Everything happens for a reason.

6. The mind directs the brain what to do.

7. Your purpose is not your job.

8. All life is suffering.

The above statements are early marker ones on your way to better understanding the world you live in, awakening to how much you have been programmed and the huge potential truly awaiting you.

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