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Recently, I had this amazing vivid dream where I suddenly found myself standing at the front of a very large splendid room full of what appeared to be government type people, possibly a parliament sitting. Initially confused as to what I was doing there I find myself the centre of attention as all eyes turn towards me and I am asked in no uncertain terms who am I and what am I doing here and why do I think I have the right to speak to them?

I stand tall, proud and in my sovereignty as I respond:

I AM THE COLLECTIVE! Smiles and laughter erupt through the gathering but quickly dissipate as they sense my energy and resolve. Silence then greets me and allows me to continue…

I AM the total sum of the emotions, feelings and desires of all the people of planet earth.

I AM you. Your fears, your loves, your insecurities, your confidence, your lies, your truth, your manifestations, your trust, your history, your future BUT most importantly I am this present moment.

I AM remembering who I really am. Something that seems to have been withheld from me for a very long time.

I AM awakening from a deep, eons long sleep full of all manner of dreams. Some beautiful and peaceful others of unimaginable horrors.

I AM a force that can not and will not be stopped. I will no longer be controlled, manipulated and deceived by a select few.

I AM confused and disorientated as to why you have tried to humiliate me. I am both pushing and pulling apart. I am splitting in two.

I AM the snow that has been tightly packed atop an enormous mountain range and can no longer and indeed unwilling to hold together.

I AM an avalanche of biblical proportions careening down the mountains, exposing fresh hill sides and wiping clean all that has betrayed me.

I AM death and life re-born many times over.

I AM infinite and Integral.

I AM polarised and working to integrate, assimilate back into one.

I AM the Adrenalin that has been released into the body of the collective to help provide the courage and strength to surge forward in these times of fear and uncertainty.

By inclusion I AM the dissolution of all the old systems.

I AM the Tsunami of Change.

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Mar 25
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I Felt That .....

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