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Wanted: New Earth Architects

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hiring Entity:

The Collective Human Civilisation of Planet Earth.


Where Ever You Are


Flexible - Whatever Works for You

Job Function:

Creation and/or Contribution to Brand New Systems and Structures


Governance | Education | Health | Financial | Media & Entertainment | Information & Communication Technology | Sustainability, Energy & Resources | Communities & Social Structure | Science & Discovery | Service to Others |.

About the Collective Human Civilisation:

We stand on the brink of evolution. An opportunity to become aware, realise the foundations our current world has been developed upon and choose to create a new earth based on the passion and desire for a kind, generous and loving civilisation for all. It is on the precipice that we truly learn and evolve.

The Opportunity:

The old and still current systems often have at their foundations; Competition, Greed, Separation, Fear, Control, Intellect, Manipulation and Deception. We cannot re-invent new systems and structures based on the mind-set that collectively brought them into being so you must first be willing to face yourself and shift your inner world.

We must not battle the old but invent and re-invent the new systems and structures based on the foundations of; Collaboration, Fair Exchange, Oneness & Equality, Love, Playfulness, Intuition, Transparency and Openness.

Job Requirements:

Become Teachable | Pack Really Light | Change the Rules | Follow the Nudges | Choose Again | Face Yourself | Direct the Universe | Surrender the Need to Understand | Feel the Power | Model an Awakened Man/Evolving Woman | Demonstrate.

As detailed in the book: “A Burst for Freedom” by Richard Ferguson.

Job Qualifications:

Freedom of Mind | Playful Curiosity | Embraces Uncertainty | Creator (as opposed to victim) Mindset.

To Apply:

Apply Within. Literally go within and choose self-expression, self-worth, compassion, playfulness, patience, allowance, flexibility, an open mind and imagination. Align with your true passion and what excites you. To shift your outside world first shift your inside world. Cultivate your Freedom of Mind and make choices in alignment with what is true to you. Stand tall and in your power as the sovereign integral being you are. Form communities of like-minded people, create social structures built upon contribution and fair exchange of energy. Choose an industry where your skills can be most beneficial, get involved and apply oneness and equality to all that you create.

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Oct 16, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I know that this is my purpose.

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