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Unifiers - The Fourth Choice

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Following on from my previous post titled "Time To Choose" the timing feels right to introduce a fourth choice - that of choosing to be a Unifier.

Unifiers are those choosing Unity Consciousness.

To quickly recap, the 1st Choice is Choosing Not to Choose. The 2nd is Service to Self (STS) and 3rd was Service to Others (STO).

The first three form a triangle that can go around and around forever. Those choosing not to choose play the role of the victim, service to self-play the role of the perpetrator and the service to others play the role of the rescuer. Individual souls can enter the “game” at the beginning, move up through the game into STS and STO (and often one and then the other) and then eventually may choose to be a Unifier i.e., Unity Consciousness. Once they achieve this, then, if they like, they can leave the "game".

The whole notion of “service” is not of great importance to Unifiers at all. Instead, what usually drives such a being is pure expression of self. The understanding of the Unifier is that each and every particle of the oneness is absolutely and completely unique. And if each one was to find that which is their greatest bliss and simply express that, then all would be well. Because no two beings anywhere are ever the same thing. Each one would be loved and cherished for that unique thing that it has to offer. And what it has to offer would be the perfectly needed thing, somewhere.

For the Unifiers there is no scarcity and no competition. There is balance and perfection. And instead of springing into action, these beings would choose instead to simply be. To explore and see. To journey into the heart of God and find that which calls to them to give their unique, greatest gift. And then they would express themselves in pure love and joy.

The less you do and the more you simply be, the closer you are to God. Your experience of yourself elevates and you are able to be a greater and greater version of yourself. You are able to expand your consciousness. The most magnificent, transcendent and blissful experiences that people ever have in deep meditation come from being truly still. From not even thinking a single thought. From just being.

A Unifier is the kind of being who loves life. Loves experiences. Loves seeing and knowing about things. They find joy in all these experiences.

A Unifier understands clearly that you are the creator of your own reality and as this is so you cannot also be a victim of your reality! Victim and Creator are two opposite states. You have always been the creator of your own reality but you have chosen to forget this so that you can play the game you are now playing. What you are in fact doing is creating “I am not the creator of my reality” and if you are creating that then you are also creating “I am the victim of my circumstance”. And if you are creating that you will experience that because “You always get exactly what you create”.

In this situation you will keep getting such experiences until you have a new thought about this, until you decide to take back your power and stop being a victim. Until you decide to take responsibility and become a creator. And when you do, the situation will begin to change. The more you believe that you are the creator of your reality, the more you will experience that. The more you will see all things that you experience as being the direct result of your choices.

Choosing to be a Unifier typically comes after moving through the first 3 choices ie playing the roles of being a victim, perpetrator (STS) and rescuer (STO). Not necessarily in any order and most likely over many lifetimes as well. This is important because having experienced all three it means you feel profound empathy for those who are deep in victim mode because you were there. You can find compassion for offenders because you know that you too are capable of being an abuser. Beings who want to be done with victim/perpetrator often go through a cycle of rescuer before they choose to be a Unifier and leave the game.

Unifiers know that you and they are essentially the same being. They therefore look at you with the eyes of love and compassion. They do not see you or your choices as “wrong”. They do not judge you and they do not pity you for that is also judgement. If you call for help, then Unifiers will come to your assistance in a way that, in their truth, is the best way to do so. That does not mean that they will rush in and rescue you. It does not mean that they will give you anything and everything you ask for. Because very often the thing you are begging for is the very thing that will keep you in a state of separation and pain. So they will help you as they themselves would wish to be helped; in a way that brings to you the realisation that you are the creator of your own reality and an indivisible part of the oneness.

The help they will offer you will be in the form of assistance that helps you to help yourself. That enables you to more powerfully understand that you are the creator of your own r

eality. That gives you the tools to stand up and take the things you don’t like in your life and create them differently until they are the way you do like.

To know the oneness of all is to gain a much broader perspective. It is to see the perfection of all things. And then you cease judging others and begin instead to simply discern what is right, good and true for you. Then you go where your truth takes you instead of being blown around by judgement of what is going on around you.

“At the level of oneness, all things conspire to the greatest good. Everything is always perfect”.

The above passages are notes and paraphrasing taken from "The Ascension Papers, Book 1 by Zingdad. An excellent book if you really want to explore the Fourth Choice.

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