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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Given all that has happened to you in 2020, If you had to make one of three choices below right now in this present moment what would you choose?

1. I Choose Not to Choose. I don’t understand why it is necessary to make a choice. I am just glad 2020 is over and hoping for a better 2021. I will continue to do what I have always done as I don’t really have a choice given my financial, family and/or life situation. I will within reason follow and obey the rules laid out for me by the leaders of our society. I really see no reason why I need to make a choice right now.

2. I Choose to Serve Others. 2020 has awoken within me a desire to contribute more to making the world a better place. Although I was already living a life where I do help others, I have found myself surrounded by more people who also choose to serve others and I am willing to further embrace this in 2021. I have been questioning what has been going on, have done my own research outside of main stream media and have remained steadfast to what feels true to me. I choose to continue to question what is, surround myself with like-minded people and make choices that serve others and their wellbeing.

3. I Choose to Serve Myself. 2020 has taught me more than ever that I must continue to focus on myself for the benefit of all those who depend on me. I hold an important position where others rely on me and have found that in 2020, I have attracted more people just like me who understand the difficult choices a leader is sometimes forced to make. I have always had to depend on myself, can't afford to really trust others as they are just not as motivated to succeed as me. I enjoy my role, having others rely and work for me and will continue to make choices that ensure my continued success in this dog-eat-dog world.

There is of course no right or wrong, just an opportunity to reflect back on this past year and decide what resonates best with you.

If you chose not to choose then this is OK, you just haven’t experienced enough examples of the other 2 choices that have moved you enough to choose one of them. You will be manifesting a reality where more of the same will appear and it is not really a step forward as far as awakening to your true self is concerned.

If you chose to Serve Others then you have begun or are somewhat along your journey of awakening. A harmonious co-existence, a peaceful, kind and gentle environment awaits should you continue to choose this option.

If you chose to Serve Myself then there may be much gratification and all sorts of compensation awaiting you should you continue to succeed in such a harsh environment. Indeed, you may thrive in such conditions but ultimately it is a hard, lonely path with no soft place to fall, ever. It is the path of the ego over the path of following your heart.

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