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11 Principles To Living A True Life

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

When I look back over the past 15 years at all my learning lessons and experiences there are 11 guiding principles that I have identified as being most important to living a true life. There is only a brief summary of each in this article today but I go into much more detail of each in my book "Dump The Script", future blogs, workshops and courses.

1. Take both parts of the Journey: This guiding principle is about seeing your journey to date as only the first part of your life and therefore getting ready, prepping yourself by being absolutely willing to take the second part of your journey. Most people hesitate to take this second part of the journey and instead choose to continue along the same conditioned path they have always been on. In almost all cases you will only be ready to embrace this second part of your journey if you have had some version of having had enough.

2. Pack Really Light: This guiding principle is about leaving behind most if not all you have been taught to believe and value to date. It is about undoing the conditioning and programming that has been drummed into you. Unless you become way open to what you will discover it will trip you up. It is so important to hold onto nothing you have been taught to believe to date.

3. Changing The Rules: This guiding principle is all about what works for you, creating your own boundaries and is a must if you are to live true and experience life as your own creation. Your journey is about your path, your relationship to the Divine and this principle may cause conflict especially if you are deeply embedded with some religions. They may not like it when you start to create your own boundaries and pick and choose what works for you from all that is out there available to you.

4. Follow the Nudges: This guiding principle is about taking inspired action and where you get to go “guided” shopping. Learning to listen with your heart and follow your instincts. There is so much material, so many different paths, so much to know and learn that just knowing where to start can be overwhelming and confusing. There really aren’t any shortcuts although if you do follow the nudges you can collapse time.

5. Choosing Again: This guiding principle is like ensuring you have packed enough water as you will need to stop, refresh and love yourself as often as you can. Reminding yourself repeatedly that you are in fact doing the best you can and to find all the reasons why that is more than good enough. You are undoing many years, indeed lifetimes, of conditioning so managing expectations and being ready to choose again needs to become second nature.

6. Do The Inner Work: There is no escaping this guiding principle if you are truly willing to wake up and experience all your journey has to offer you. It is quite common to dance around this principle, delving into the knowledge that is needed to support it but shying away from actually doing the work itself. To really heal the causes, not just the effects.

7. Master Your Thoughts: This guiding principle is a biggie and one of the most common themes you may come across on your Journey. The whole Law of Attraction thing. Thoughts do become things. You are what you think about. It’s also about meditating, manifesting, the power of the word, and lots of useful nuggets to help you on your way. Suffering is optional when you learn to master your thoughts.

8. Give Up Needing to Understand: I wish I had come across and learnt this guiding principle a lot early on my own journey. As an over thinker I always needed to understand everything and would forever over analyze, constantly doing my head in. It is also about what is known as the cursed how’s and why you really don’t need to do anything at all.

9. Be The Big Dog: This guiding principle is all about personal power and embodiment. Something that I myself have only learnt to adopt in the last year or so. It is about awakening to your power, your relationship to Love and getting serious about your presence. It is vital for helping you to take what you have learnt and apply it in this world.

10. An Awakening Man: This guiding principle is all about what it means to be an Evolving Person and why you would choose to live your life as an Awakening Man or an Evolving Woman. Why one attracts the other. For Men it's about exploring your true masculine energy, living your life in your highest creative ability, adoring all women and knowing each one of them holds the key to the universe.

11. Demonstrating: This guiding principle is where the rubber hits the road and is about demonstrating what you have learnt and experienced on your journey to date. Where you need to take all that knowledge you have been acquiring and actually apply it. Walking the talk and finding ways of helping others to wipe the sleep from their eyes and wake up. To love your life, be the change and the love you so want to see in the world.

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