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Stop Educating Your Children

RAISE Them Instead. A huge paradigm shift is taking place when it comes to how some parents are preparing their children for the many ways they will be able to contribute to society when they are ready. The old way of educating our children in a one size fits all approach over a 12 year period with the main purpose of indoctrinating them to compete in a slave society, is finally crumbling. An important way to keep facilitating this downfall is to stop talking about educating your children and instead start actively being involved in raising your children.

The challenge a lot of parent’s face is the level of mind control that has been programmed within them over the old education system combined with the fear of their children not being able to get a “job”. The word education immediately triggers how it has been done in the past and when you throw in all the conditioning over the generations any efforts to try and improve the old education system is akin to simply moving the deck chairs around on the titanic. By adopting the approach of no longer talking about educating our children and instead about how to best prepare and raise them for a joyful and fulfilling future, a reinvigorating new mindset kicks in.

As John Gatto has said, “It's no use trying to fix the old education system because it isn’t broken. It's doing exactly what it is meant to be doing”. For the sake of our children & societies future we must come from a mindset that unceremoniously dumps the old way and invents from completely new foundations. Yes, it's time to reinvent the wheel so to speak. This won’t be welcomed by those who are heavily invested in the old system but as with a lot of innovative solutions they often start small focusing on niche markets and conquer one market at a time until they reach a critical mass.

Our Children’s future will start with those parents willing to change their mindset and delete the programming about the old education system. To live and practice the sort of lifestyle they wish for their children. To quote Anastasia from the Ringing Cedars series of books: “Children are raised by the way people live – the way we ourselves live and the way society in general lives. No matter what children hear from their parents or teachers in school or any other institution of learning, no matter what clever systems of education are adopted, children will follow the lifestyle practiced by the majority of people around them”.

It's understandable to quickly become overwhelmed when considering the scale of change needed first from the parents, then the old educational institutions, the governing bodies, the teachers and of course the way society currently goes about providing opportunities for our children when they have “completed” their education. Start where you are, learn about the alternate options currently available such as home schooling, unschooling, Montessori etc then be willing to make changes to your lifestyle that reflects your choice. Be courageous and share your successes amongst other parents and where possible get actively involved in helping to make changes at an institution, governing, society or community level. Do what you can. It will be like the proverbial fly wheel that takes a while to get going but then picks up momentum and can not and will not be stopped.

The old education system is finally collapsing and despite all efforts cannot be improved by making changes within it. It is at its core unworkable, gangrenous and harmful for our children and must be re-invented based on new foundations. New positive programs have and continue to be developed that include our children learning who they really are, what the true history of our planet is and helping them to unlock and evolve their DNA.

If you are part of the small minority of parents willing to seek alternate ways so your children can escape the indoctrination methods and choose a path away from becoming trapped into a slave system, it may help to stop referring to educating your children and instead start to develop a new mindset & lifestyle that is actively involved in raising them. Encouraging them to be creators, to discover what their passions are and they too will in turn show us what they are capable of and help forge a new way of being. A New Earth.

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Sep 01, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Good one

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