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Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Although change is a constant thing in our lives the level of change we are going to experience in 2021 will be spectacular to say the least. 2020 did it's best to wake up as many people as possible and to a degree did a reasonable job of it but in 2021 things are going to be seriously ramped up to a level that is going to rock and most definitely shock a lot of people.

The best approach to making the most out of 2021 is to let go of resisting the change and to use it as a massive opportunity to choose to experience life as your creation. Not the conditioned programming that has ruled your life to date! It is going to be difficult to stay out of victim mode and choose to be a creator so there is no better time to learn to follow your heart, ie get out of your head and listen to and act on your emotions.

“The tools of creation are your emotions. If you create with love you will get what you choose. If you create with fear you will get what you don’t choose and if you create with doubt you will get a mixed bag or nothing at all”. A slightly paraphrased quote from Zingdad and his book, The Ascension Papers 1.

It’s going to be ride for sure so if you would like some further guidance grab a free PDF copy of my book, A Burst for Freedom here: or contact me for a private session.

Some other great tips would be to adopt the habit of questioning what is, continue to develop your ability to think critically and if you haven’t already to stop watching main stream media and reading newspapers. Get out in nature as much as possible and be super careful of the information you choose to absorb.

Wishing everyone to create for themselves the best year ever. Much Love.

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