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Paddle or Perish

Unless you become willing to gain the knowledge of what is really going on our planet you won’t even know to paddle against the flow and will surely perish.

How open you are to questioning what is, dismantling old beliefs, unlearning most of what you have been taught and learning to follow your heart will determine whether you paddle or perish as we face the mightiest fork in the river of humanity this planet has ever seen. Sadly the majority won’t even be aware that there is a fork or that paddling against the current is even an option and will be swept downstream to their ultimate demise. An ever-growing minority will however choose to stand in their sovereignty, become aware of what is really going on and understand that they will have to paddle hard against the flow to the other side of the river. To help create a New Earth. There is also another minority that are starting to become aware, know something is not right but are still confused and unsure so they will choose to beach their canoe on the bank of the river in between the fork whilst they ponder their choices.

The fork which the majority will be swept down is the choice not to choose, to follow the herd, to believe what you have been told by the mainstream media and the “authorities”. These people will purposely remain uninformed, have no context, no reference points so will be unable to understand what is really going on and won’t even see the fork in the river. They will believe that they aren’t capable of or have a way to know what is going on by their own means having relied for so long on outside mainstream sources. And if by chance they do somehow figure it out at some later stage the momentum of the current in the river will have taken them too far in the wrong direction. The path they will be swept down will look like it always has and may even seem more alluring with the promise of new technology that will make their lives easier. Artificial Intelligence that will replace most of their hard work and the need to think for themselves. Implants and losing what makes them human will slowly creep up on them until it is too late and they will surely perish or disappear into an unrecognisable trans-humanism world.

Those that choose to beach themselves in-between the fork of the river have started to become aware but are confused at what is being presented to them so seek to sit in the middle and await more input before choosing what to do. More context and reference points are needed so an intelligent choice can be made. It will depend on how deep their conditioning is, how much they fear for their safety, how attached they are to their possessions and quality of life, how willing they are to go against the mainstream narrative and of what other people may think of them if they do. Attachment to the status quo verses the courage to look within, to feel what resonates, to stand in their sovereignty and seek a better way. Much courage is needed at this part of the river as friends and family of the majority may be calling you to follow them blindly and to stop delaying.

Once back in their canoe the river will only grant them one choice, one path. One will require they paddle against the current to the other side of the river while the other, seemingly easier path, will mean allowing the flow in the river to take them. Knowledge is key here. Being open and willing to explore alternate information, of being able to quieten the noise in your head(ego), and learning to be able to make choices based on what resonates with you will determine which path is taken. A timely choice is critical here as events and planetary cycles wait for no one.

The choice to paddle against the current to the other side of the river is indeed a brave one. Anyone choosing this path holds a vision for a New Earth, a kind generous and loving civilisation for all. It won’t look as shiny, manicured or contain the same sort of technology as the other side. At least not the artificial kind. This path will be about creating new foundations, new systems & structures and utilising organic technology. It will involve living in communities away from the big cities, working to become self-sufficient of any past government services or interference. Creating gardens and food forests, harnessing nature and all she has to offer. The old fiat money system will be replaced with new ways of energy exchange that will be fair and equitable to all. The children will be raised to learn who they really are, to understand true history and to tap into their universal consciousness. Wise elders will Govern the communities and a new era where humanity finally starts to awake to all of it's true potential will usher in.

Knowledge of what is really happening on our planet will not be found in mainstream media, within governments, big tech, institutions or the status quo. It will require a person willing to explore alternate options, to being way open and to finding a better way. Those who are open minded will know we have reached the most significant fork in the river of humanity this planet has ever known and will choose to paddle rather than perish.

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Aug 30, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Brilliantly said

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