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New Earth Education System

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

To provide an understanding of how a New Earth Architect might approach the monumental task of re-inventing the education system the first critical step is to ensure that all ideas are based on new foundations. We cannot create new systems and structures based on the mind-set that collectively brought the current traditional education system into being. These systems have at their foundations Control, Fear, Obedience, Compliance, Competition, Separation, Intellect, and all sorts of Manipulation. A possible 12 yearlong painful journey for most children where if they graduate, they often feel confused, have low self-esteem, non-existent self-expression, are docile and have become subservience to a slave society with limited options for their growth.

A New Earth Education system will at its core exemplify such values as Self-Expression, Self-Worth, Service, Compassion, Playfulness, Patience, Allowance, Flexibility, an Open Mind and Imagination. To support such values an entirely new and different system is required. Current Government regulations, controls, curriculums and processes will need to be closely scrutinised and most likely discarded until a New Earth Governing system replaces it. Until the people can be sure who the governments are really serving, the educating of our children will fall under the control of local communities and chosen elders.

The current educational stages of formal learning and progressing in years will be replaced with an entirely new system based on following and honouring the child. Current teachers choosing to contribute will need to be de-programmed from the old approach with all new teachers being able to demonstrate how they embody the values above. Many will welcome the new as for so long they have felt trapped and restricted by how they can help. Indeed, all old terminology should be replaced with new to reflect the scale of change needed. The label of teacher will evolve to reflect the new approach and they may instead be referred to as facilitators, wayshowers, helpers, instructors and guides. The term Education itself should be adapted to reflect a more appropriate expression of what part of the child’s life they are at and what they are choosing to achieve. e.g., “Starseeds” for early age children, “Coming of Age” for later stages etc.

The focus will be on appreciating the true beauty of the child, encouraging the values highlighted above within them and honouring them as messengers of the Devine. Choosing to study Religion is an option the child can choose but will most likely fall under the category of history. Each child can choose when they are ready to learn of their true origins, who they really are, why they are here and what they are truly capable of. Given how thoroughly the old education system has been imbedded within our culture, parents and elders will play a huge part in helping to create a New Earth Education system. Such a system will only appeal to parents who have become aware and have started to awake themselves. Elders will be recognised and respected for the wisdom they have accumulated and will play a critical role in nurturing the children.

This new approach will be seen as a threat and draw much criticism from the controllers of the traditional education structure, current governments and parents who are simply too imbued within the current systems to understand what we are trying to achieve. There is no right or wrong or judgement here just an understanding of the reality of what we are trying to accomplish. As such a New Earth Education system will most likely need to start small, within local communities and keep a low as possible profile. Separate strategies will be required for that however utilising current alternate systems such as Montessori and/or Home schooling will be a logical place to start.

How the New Earth Education System develops is going to be dependent on feedback from the children involved with it. This will take time over many years and a completely new way of monitoring and developing the system will be required. Working in our favour is the ongoing collapse of the old foundations and ways of life that have simply not served the collective. By the time new early age children have entered and progressed through the New Earth Education system they will be faced with an entirely different reality. There is also great opportunity to develop separate programs for helping to de-program current graduated students plus develop other solutions for children currently within the traditional systems but it will be dependent on how many people step up and claim the position of New Earth Architects.

Should you wish to learn more on what it means to be a New Earth Architect please refer to a previous post titled “ Wanted: New Earth Architects” which can be found here:

In Love and Light

Richard Ferguson

12th March 2021

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