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Letter to My Son on His 18th Birthday

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

Below is a letter I wrote to my son on his 18th Birthday. I was and still are 10,000km away from him and due to how crazy Australia has become it is completely unknown when I will see him again:

Happy 18th Birthday Hugh

My Dearest Hugh,

Congratulations on achieving 18 years of age. I am so very proud of you and all that you have achieved and accomplished to date. Turning 18 opens up many great opportunities for you now and know that you have always and will always have my full support and guidance for whatever it is you choose to do.

Our current society places great emphasis on someone turning 18 as you are now deemed an “Adult” and are meant to be treated that way. What that really means is now more than ever before you are firmly in the driver’s seat of your life. Probably the biggest thing to take on board is to begin to take full responsibility for every aspect of your life. To step into your power and begin to create the sort of life you choose to experience.

I believe you are already ahead of the pack having chosen to exit a rather fucked up school/education system however this has set you on a path different to most and may mean you come up against more obstacles than most. However, you have shown that you have the fortitude and courage to deal with that and no doubt all the other challenges that may be put in front of you.

Probably the one key thing I would like to share with you is to continue to learn how to follow your heart, acknowledge and trust in your instincts. To stop listening to that very annoying voice in your head whose sole purpose seems to want to herd you in the same controlled direction as everyone else. I don’t believe that is your calling Hughie but now more than ever it is time to start making choices based on what feels true to you.

Hughie, dare to be different, dare to experience life as your creation and not necessarily the conditioned and programmed existence of our old and collapsing systems. You have chosen to turn 18 at a most interesting time in our human history and know that within a few years things are going to be very different especially when compared to the way your Mum or I grew up with. Getting through the next few years is going to be interesting to say the least but the rewards on the other side of it will so be worth it. So, hang in there, trust in yourself and learn to love yourself unconditionally. Your Mum and I sure do.

Although I am currently on the other side of the world to you, you are always in my thoughts and I am always willing to do whatever I can to help and guide you so please reach out at any time for any reason. For now, enjoy your 18th birthday, kick back and maybe enjoy a legal drink as you contemplate all that lies before you, all the support and love that everyone around you is so ready and prepared to give you.

Sending you heaps of love and joy, bathing you in light and love and forever holding you deep within my heart. Happy Birthday my handsome, courageous and strong young man.

All my Love

Dad xoxoxoxox

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