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Join The Revolution

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The revolution for our Freedom of Mind.

“We must choose for this revolution to start in our minds, but also in our hearts, because that is where our behaviour begins. It is where we will decide what is valuable, what is true and what we want more of. Freedom of mind is freedom of body and freedom of creativity. When our minds are not free, we can never be free physically and will always be imprisoned by our thoughts and beliefs. Only in the freedom of mind can we truly speak the words that we feel in our hearts. Only in the freedom of mind can we create a civilisation that is loving, peaceful, kind and generous to all”. A quote from the book, You Can Free Yourself from the Karma of Chaos by Tina Spalding.

Join in this revolution for Freedom of Mind by starting “Freedom Pods” of like-minded people in your immediate area. Rest assured they are out there and yearning, waiting for the call. Utilise secure platforms like Telegram as your means of communications once you find and connect with these people. Label your group “xxxx Freedom Pod”. Xxx being whatever name, symbol or heart felt theme resonates with you.

Utilise your Freedom Pod as your local support group as the service to self and dark agendas continue to play out. Choose sustainable living as a key program ensuring the continuation of food supplies in the event of shortages but also as a more authentic way of contributing to the future of our earth. It is on the precipice that we truly learn and evolve. Act now. Reach out to others and shine your light on all as you join in the revolution for Freedom of Mind.

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