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I AM WE ARE New Earth Architects

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

A New Earth Architect is someone with Freedom of Mind as their way of being. Someone who chooses to contribute to the creation of brand-new systems and structures on our planet. Someone who recognises a new world “order” as an ongoing attempt for more control and further removal of our freedoms. An “order” based on the same thinking that has been used to create most of the current problems in our world.

New Earth Architects are those amongst us who are waking up and choose to embrace collaboration not competition, fair exchange not greed, oneness not separation, love not fear, playfulness not control, intuition over intellect, transparency instead of deception and openness not manipulation.

A New Earth Architect respects someone’s else opinion regardless if they agree with it or not. They continue to work steadfastly towards inventing and re-inventing new systems and structures based not on the mind set that created them BUT on the foundation of Freedom of Mind.

Freedom of mind is freedom of body and freedom of creativity. Only in the freedom of mind can we truly choose what it is we want, truly speak the words that we feel in our hearts, experience life as our own creation and build a civilisation that is loving, peaceful, kind and generous to all. Freedom of mind is your right as a Sovereign Integral Being. Claim it, stand in your power, find like minded people, choose an industry where your skills can be most beneficial, get involved and help create New Earth systems and structures based on a foundation of Freedom of Mind.

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