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Building A New Earth

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

To be successful in building a New Earth the most important consideration is to ensure that we do not utilise any of the old foundations, conditioning and programs that were used to create and develop

the old earth systems. Our old earth systems that are now collapsing were built on the foundations of fear, control, greed, separation, competition, manipulation and deceit to name but a few so it is critical that as an evolving civilisation we now invent and re-invent not based on the old but on completely new foundations. The foundations of Love, Oneness, Equality, Fair Exchange, Transparency, Openness, Collaboration, Playfulness, Intuition etc.

We simply cannot apply the same thinking that our old systems were built on to help create our New Earth Systems and Structures. To Quote Albert Einstein:

“ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

Our old systems have become completely gangrenous and cannot be saved. Any attempt to try and utilise the same thinking, conditioning and/or programming that was used in creating and developing them will soon enough be taken over by the gangrene once again. That is why surgeons always elect to amputate and why it is so critical at this juncture on our planet that we indeed learn from our mistakes but invent and re-invent based on the new foundations of the love family.

This will not be an easy or straightforward task as the vast majority of people are still either asleep or slowly waking up and not aware of the true history of our planet, the massive level of mind control, conditioning and programming that has been relentlessly employed in a vain attempt to ensure the continued success of the old systems. It will be those that have awakened, are aware of the dark agendas, the true history of our planet, have achieved freedom of mind and can recognise the mind controls, conditioning and programming in our old systems that can diligently work together to help create our New Earth Systems and Structures.

Such a role, such a person will become known as a New Earth Architect. The tasks of inventing and re-inventing our systems and structures is a colossal one and will require many New Earth Architects with varied backgrounds across all sorts of industries. The solutions as to how we go about all of this are in the collective, are within those individuals who as above have achieved Freedom of Mind. Please reach out and let yourself be known. Choose an Industry, form Freedom Pods of like minded people and let’s help create a New Earth that is based on the passion and desire for a kind, generous and loving civilisation for all.

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Sep 23, 2021

I soooo agree with this post!

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