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Become Teachable

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Is the first step to opening your mind so that real transformation can begin. Typically, you will have reached a point in your life where you are ready, willing and open to explore another way. To question what is, to become so open that you are ready to break free of most, if not all, you have been taught to believe to date. It is often precipitated by a series of life events like a sickness, financial loss, divorce, loss of a loved one or a pandemic where you have been following the conditioned approach laid out for you by society but it has simply not been working for you. Such events cause you to stop and reflect, go inside and seriously question your life and what you have been doing.

A helpful way to look at this time in your life is to adopt the mindset of a new beginning or to ready yourself to begin the second part of your journey. Accepting that everything up until this point has served a purpose, no matter how painful, but you are done with that and are now finally ready to choose a different path for the remainder of your life. Becoming teachable is about becoming aware of all the programming/beliefs that you have allowed to determine your life to date and being open, ready and willing to look at all of them, delete the ones that have not been serving you and reinstall new beliefs.

Albert Einstein’s quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” could serve as a great example of your journey to date but now you are finally ready to choose sanity, to become teachable. It is important to note that this transformation is going to take time, may cause conflict and is all about doing the inner work, changing your mind and thus perspectives on life. Changes to your outside world often flow naturally once you have successfully made the transition within. Patience and courage are key here and is also why it is a great idea to seek help from a Transformation Coach. Someone who can become both a companion and a mentor for you, holding space and gently guiding you as you choose to begin or continue the second part of your journey.

Becoming teachable is the first of my eleven guiding principles and for additional information and perspectives please refer to my website and/or my book “A Burst for Freedom”.

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