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A Warrior Just Sits: Until He/she Doesn't

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

One of my favourite Insight Timer meditations is from Michelle DuVal and it is called “The Warrior”. So many times when I am tempted to over react and join in the noise and various emotions being bandied about I remember the words or do this meditation and I am instantly back in the now moment, accepting of what is and allowing. Below is a paraphrased section of it (I did add neutral):

The Warrior

“Time passes, people come and go but your warrior spirit just sits; Neutral, Dignified, Alert, Strong, Silent, Aware. With chaos all around him the warrior just sits; Centered, Focussed, Relaxed, Peaceful, Aware.

Everybody wants the warrior to do something; get up, be like us, join the turmoil, they cry. But the warrior just sits: Neutral, Dignified, Alert, Strong, Silent, Aware.

Always in the present, always honouring his thoughts, letting go and moving back to awareness. Back to the experience of being alive. Not living in the fiction of the mind, not living in the past, not living in the future BUT living in the bliss of the Present. Not judging, just being. The warrior just sits; Neutral, Dignified, Alert, Strong, Silent, Aware.

Back to the awareness of the present, right here, right now. Back to the awareness of his body; Centered, Focussed, Relaxed, Peaceful, Aware. Allowing the body to take care of itself as it has done for so long. Allowing the body to heal itself. Allowing the body to just be. Without stress, without anger.

The warrior just sits: Neutral, Dignified, Alert, Strong, Silent, Aware”.

So, you may think, when does a warrior act? Strangely, for a warrior whose label suggests he/she is born of battle, more often than not the clarity speaks to not engage. This can be extremely testing for one honed, skilled and conditioned to act. This meditation does talk to the Warrior Spirit though and definitely suggests it would only be a seasoned warrior who could recognise the noise (head), witness the emotions(heart) and then be guided whether to act or not (gut instinct). Once he/she does all three: instinct, heart and head, will act swiftly and decisively as one.

I share this as I ready to launch my book “A Burst for Freedom” to the world. Over the past 6 months since the Pandemic started there has been many times when I have felt totally enraged and itching to act but simply unclear what to do or how to help. Choosing not to engage as the message that came through was to just sit, continue my research, journal my thoughts, write my book and then once finished work steadfastly to publish and launch it. As I now prepare my website, update my social media sites and get ready to launch a sense of accomplishment and readiness for “whatever” follows surrounds me.

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