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11 Ways New Earth Schools Will Be Different

Listed below are 11 Ways New Earth Schools will be different to how we currently educate our children in main stream, government run and influenced schools:

1. AWARE & AWAKE PARENTS. New Earth Schools will only appeal to aware and awake parents, families and communities. They will be the small minority and most likely pop up in rural towns or outer urban areas to begin with. The criteria listed here will not be accepted by the masses, government, main stream media, most current teachers or broader society during its early stages. It is “alternative” and thus of appeal only to those fed up with the current approach and who have the courage to explore something vastly different. New Earth Schools and the raising of our children will be one and the same thing so parents and families will all need to be onboard and actively involved in their child’s ongoing education. It will be a way of life and not an institution where you send your child to be conditioned and brainwashed by strangers.

2. NEW FOUNDATIONS. New Earth Schools will be based on completely new foundations. In so many ways it will be the opposite to how we go about educating our children today. Current education has been developed using the fear family at its foundations. Indoctrinating our children through control, greed, separation, manipulation, competition and intellect to highlight a few. New Earth Schools will be created with the Love family at its foundation. Honouring our children and supporting them with oneness, equality, fair exchange, collaboration, openness, playfulness and intuition. One of the biggest challenges with the development of New Earth School systems & structures is to ensure we do not try and work with or improve upon the current fear foundations. Whilst this might appear to be a quicker turnaround it will ultimately loop back and fail.

3. NEW VALUES & VIRTUES. Facilitators, students, parents, families and the communities where New Earth Schools will operate from will embody and incorporate within their lives, systems and structures such values & virtues as Self-Expression, Self-Worth, Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Patience, Playfulness, Understanding, Courage, Imagination and Unconditional Self-Love. These will be first embodied within the families and communities where New Earth Schools will be created thus enabling the learning and practicing of them both before and during the child’s education. Most of the current curriculum's will need to be either discarded or closely reviewed to ensure they embody such values and virtues. It will take time and commitment.

4. FACILITATORS & GUIDES. Once we begin to live our lives and raise our children in an environment conducive to them being able to tap into their unlimited potential, we won’t need teachers per se and instead facilitators and guides. Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles to New Earth Schools will come from our current teacher base. The qualifications our current teachers have had to achieve has ensured they have been fully trained and programmed to comply with the old foundations and as a result they will most likely defend with vigour the old ways and/or the New World Order approach. “Qualified Teachers” may be more of a hindrance than a contribution to New Earth Schools. Of course, there are many good teachers out there who have become aware and are fed up with the current system who may be open and willing to de-program/unlearn the negative ways they have been taught and still contribute. A New Earth School selection process will be based more on their passion and desire for honouring our children and choosing to contribute to a New Earth. More parents and elders within the communities and possibly roaming “Wise Ones” (specialists in certain areas) will also step up to be the new teachers/facilitators of our children.

5. NO GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT. There will be no current Government control, influence or interference. New Earth Schools will need to operate under the banner of “Home/Un Schooling” or be “Off-Grid” to ensure current Governments and their associates have no say in our children’s education. Remember New Earth Schools will initially be for children who are most likely advanced souls and have aware and awake parents. Not the main stream. It will be for a small minority to begin with and will be seen as a dangerous alternative to those who direct the Governments and wish to continue to control us and our children. New Earth Schools stand for the complete opposite to their current agendas. Until such time as the old government systems have collapsed and we can be sure who our governments are truly serving it is important that they have no involvement or influence over our children. Awake parents and Elders within the communities where New Earth Schools are established will assume the role of “Governing”.

6. FOLLOW THE CHILD. A follow the child method as first defined and modeled by Maria Montessori will form the basis of how our children learn and grow. When we stop trying to force feed and control our children’s minds and instead begin to truly foster and encourage them to be curious and creative, we will learn from them how to continue to develop their education in a way that will benefit all.

7. NO HOMEWORK, NO EXAMS. There will be no homework, no exams, no report cards and no age specific classrooms. It will not be necessary to provide reports as parents and families will be actively engaged in their child’s education. Instead, children may choose to present to the community what they have learnt and/or use their new found knowledge to teach younger children. Classrooms or places of learning will be open to all ages that are keen to contribute and can actively participate.

8. TRADE SCHOOLS OVER UNIVERSITY. Universities today are mostly a super charged continuation of the indoctrination our children experience in their school years and it is my belief that within 10 years this will change dramatically. They have to given the foundations they have been built upon and in a lot of cases serving a process into a slave society. Trade schools will most likely become the preferred approach for many New Earth raised children keen to specialise however the current Home/Un-schooling approach to gaining access into some Universities could be used in the interim.

9. BASIC & BROADER COSMIC BASED CURRICULUM'S. There will be a huge shift in the knowledge and material that children of a New Earth School will be exposed to. On the one level it will be back to basics such as how to grow your own food, how to purify water, how to cook, how to build and how to love. On another level they will be exploring who they really are, why they are here and where everything fits in. Many new programs will have to be created as there has been much manipulation, lies and hijacking within our society of our history and information to date. New curriculum's may include; The Connected Universe, Expanded Sound & Light, A Culture of Feelings, The Science of Imagery, The Speed of Thought, Nutrition & Nature, True History, A Space of Love, Sovereignty, Co-Creation and Sacred Geometry to highlight a few.

10. HIGH LEVEL COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. Due to the very nature of New Earth Schools being an integral part of the local community there will be unprecedented involvement from both businesses, families and resources within the community. Strong networking will develop. New Earth Co-ops will form to help provide buildings, materials, share work and put on regular events that will continually bring people together and foster stronger bonds. Whole new ways of living, transacting and contributing will develop as a result.

11. INVENT & RE-INVENT. Given how thoroughly we have all been conditioned and programmed in the “old ways” creating New Earth Education Structures and Systems is going to require that we invent and re-invent. The foundations, values, virtues and new curriculum's mentioned above have rarely been used in the creation of any system so we are definitely heading into new territory. It's not going to happen overnight and will take constant monitoring and a willingness to re-invent when we inadvertently head down a wrong path. There are “No Absolutes” in this process nor should there ever be. We will need what I have termed New Earth Architects, people who have awoken and hold within themselves a high level of Freedom of Mind to identify themselves and help co-create our New Earth Schools.

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