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11 Most Important Values for New Earth

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

As our old systems & structures continue to collapse and to avoid any unnecessary or lengthy chaos that will follow now is the time to embody and put firmly in place values that will help us to create a New Earth that is loving, peaceful, kind and generous to all. Listed below are 11 such values a society or an individual can have, honour and emulate to ensure a happy and successful future for all:

1. Self-Expression: If each person was supported and allowed to find that which is their greatest bliss and simply express that then all would be well. Because no two beings anywhere are ever the same. Each one would be loved and cherished for that unique thing they have to offer. And what they have to offer would be the perfect needed thing, somewhere.

2. Self-Worth: The core value one feels for one’s sense of self, one’s dreams and desires, one’s abilities and gifts. Indeed, the first value of Self-Expression is not really possible without a true sense of Self-Worth. As our society begins to shift toward a more compassionate, heart-centered, and resonant way of being, the individual will begin to understand the essential value of the their own being to the whole, and will be more prone to follow the desires of their heart toward Self-Expression.

3. Service to Others: The desire to be of service and use your intrinsic gifts to help enlighten, uplift, comfort and express compassion to all you come across. Such people will be the ones who create beauty, useful technology, new systems and better structures as they will instinctively feel what is needed and will find ways to fulfill those needs with their gifts.

4. Compassion: A heart-centered connection to others through the realisation that we are all inherently connected by and to Source energy, and as such, there is an aspect of ourselves in all others. The knowing that each and everyone is doing the best they can with whatever they have been dealt. By expressing the smallest acts of kindness and in larger acts of service we can create a ripple effect of energetic connection between everyone and thus help start a cycle of compassionate action that will ultimately be the force that will shift the energy of our culture into a new earth.

5. Playfulness: When we are playful, we are in the midst of our most highly creative expression of ourselves; we are opening the channels to higher wisdom and guidance through the energetic flow that is created in the act of play. It causes us to drop barriers, cease trying to control, and simply allow an energetic flow of joyful expression. This is where we will truly find our most authentic nature, and our highest connection to divine wisdom. Playfulness strengthens not only the individual connection to Self-Expression but also the sense of co-operation and a true sense of connection with all beings.

6. Patience: Instead of waiting for life to happen to you, patience means understanding that the journey forward is where life occurs and that you will never reach the end of the journey, even when the current leg of that journey ends.

7. Allowance: Relinquish control, pull up the oars, trust the current (Universe), and simply dip the oars in occasionally to steer. Allow ease and flow into our lives and we will find that things will come more easily to us.

8. Flexibility: As with allowance, being flexible creates a sense of ease in the process of creating, and it removes rigid expectations that can cause so much suffering. By remaining flexible with what you believe to be right or wrong, good or bad, desirable or repulsive, you will be able to find the best way to create a compassionate and forgiving environment within which to practice kindness and co-creation. It is possible to bend while staying true to your intentions and to flex while not allowing cruel or unjustified behaviour.

9. An Open Mind: Practicing flexibility and patience can lead to the phenomenon known as an Open Mind. Believing in a very rigid sense of what is right and wrong and ensuring judgement that arises from this viewpoint can close your mind to the flow of energetic information that is available to all. Maintaining an open mind, while still practicing discernment can be the key to our survival.

10. Imagination: The process of all creation begins with the imagination; it is within the moments of active imagination that all great things are birthed and where our very universe came to be. When your imagination is stimulated through self-expression, play, and creative pursuits a direct channel is opened to source energy and all possibilities will come pouring into the consciousness.

11. Unconditional Self-Love: Loving ourselves no matter the condition of our lives, or our health or our physical appearances. So that means we treat those conditions of our lives with compassion, kindness, patience, encouragement and support instead of being judgmental, critical, impatient, negative or giving up on ourselves. It is on purpose that Self-Worth has been shown as the first value and Unconditional Self-Love as the final. They are the perfect book ends to all the values in between.

The values listed above were paraphrased and inspired from the book “Channelled Messages from Deep Space: Wisdom for A Changing World by Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar. An advanced civilisation that had experienced a similar state to our now earth, survived and evolved to live in harmony and peace, was asked to share what they would view as the most important values their society and individuals now choose to live by. These are the values that enabled that civilisation to evolve and succeed and could act as an ideal model for our New Earth.

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Sep 11, 2021

Brilliant! Im so on board with this. We need to start now...

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