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Our Developing Garden ...

As part of our commitment to demonstrating we have created a local Freedom Pod, called it "The New Earth Architects" and begun developing our own self sustaining garden. Follow our progress as we periodically post images to this site. 

This is not our house. We didn't have the space or area to create the sort of garden we wanted so we thought about who we knew that did and as it worked out they were very open to helping and allowing us to create this garden on their property. It is working out well as we all chip in utilising the various skills, resources or labour to help create it. 

We learnt quite a bit in our first year as we lost a lot of produce to Mouse Birds and had to erect a cover over most of the garden. We had porcupines and moles try to invade looking for a free lunch but probably one of the most important learning's was to plan and be ready to how to best utilise the vegetables as they become available. All of a sudden we would have heaps of beans with no plan on how to best create meals with all that became available. Of course we hate wasting anything so gave away what we couldn't utilise but learnt we need to be much better prepared for future crops. 

Our Survival Skills Walk 

Having created our local Freedom Pod and continuing with the theme of sustainability we organised a walk with a Survival Specialist deep into the forest area and along the coast of the Keurbooms Region here in South Africa. It was an amazing day where we learnt so much about our native plants, the many various ways they can be used for both food and medicinal purposes and many survival skills. Below are some pictures we took along the way...

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