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The Courage To Transform

The Courage To Change

Experience Life As Your Creation.

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Richard Ferguson
Change Coach | Mentor

Helping People To Make Changes In Their Lives
To Experience Life As Their Creation


The ONE solution to all your past, present and future problems is to CHANGE YOUR MIND about them. 

Easy enough to write or say but not so easy to do!

A lifetime of conditioning programs, society pressures and cognitive dissonance can make changing or improving your life a difficult process.

Awareness of these programs, a desire to acquire new knowledge, the ability to question everything and a Coach | Mentor to support and hold the space for you as you journey through it, is a must have.


If you are ready to stop living your life based on someone else's expectation of who you are and what you should be doing and instead choose to experience life as your own creation, it would be my pleasure and privilege to guide you. 

As a life experienced change Coach | Mentor let me help you begin or continue the second part of your journey and awaken to your true self:

  • To Get Off The Roundabout of Your Conditioned Life.

  • To Choose Love Over Fear

  • To Follow Your Heart

  • To Find Joy, Playfulness and Happiness in Your Daily Existence

Living True Principles

I am currently in Adelaide, Australia.


Experience Life As Your Cretion

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