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You Are A Sovereign Being!

And Are Under No Rules or Laws But One:
To Express The Authentic Nature Of Your Heart By Living A Love-Centered Life.

                                                                        James Mahu (Wingmakers)

Welcome to "Living A True Life". Join us as we choose to help create a New Earth based on the foundations of Love, Collaboration, Fair Exchange, Oneness & Equality, Playfulness, Intuition, Transparency and Openness. 

It is our aim to offer perspectives based on our efforts & experiences and in the hope that it may help others on their journey of waking up and choosing to play a role in creating New Earth Systems and Structures. We are New Earth Architects that hold a passion and desire for a kind, generous and loving civilisation for all. Come create with us...  

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We are located in Kynsna, Western Cape, South Africa


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